Youth conference for students and post-graduate students on the platform of «NSCF-2018»

Russia, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, Program Systems Institute of the RAS, November 26, 2018.

Main hosts

ANO «National Supercomputing Forum»
Program Systems Institute of the RAS
  National Supercomputing Technological Platform (NSTP)
  Eurasian Supercomputing Technological Platform (ESTP)

Supported by

Foundation for Presidential Grants Foundation for Presidential Grants

Dear collegues!

ANO «National Supercomputing Forum», Program Systems Institute of the RAS and Eurasian Supercomputing Technological Platform, with the support of the Presidential Grants Fondation, are proud to present the First Youth Conference for students and post-graduate students on the platform of «National Supercomputing Forum – 2018».

It’s no secret that one of the most acute problems facing the national science is the problem of aging specialists. The average age of specialists in science, education and production in Russia is unacceptably high. On the other hand, the opportunities for young specialists to enter a large science are limited by the naturally high “threshold of entry”. For example, it is virtually impossible for students to undergo a rigorous selection to participate in a truly serious scientific conference. Conducting a youth conference on the basis of the National Supercomputer Forum is designed to give young specialists the opportunity to enter the community, and the community to see and notice young professionals.

That is why, we consider it very important that the conference is held at the same time and in the same place as the rest of the Forum’s events. This will allow the participants not only to speak for themselves, but also to listen to speeches of leading Russian and foreign specialists, to take part in training events, etc.

The chairman of the organizing committee agreed to become a mathematician with broad Russian and international fame, prof. N.N. Nepeivoda. It is planned to include leading Russian and foreign experts in the program committee of the conference. Reviews of the members of the program committee on the participants’ articles are planned to be brought to the authors, because they will be a useful educational material for them.

If you are a student, a graduate student, a young specialist or a teacher / supervisor, a leader, we invite you to participate in the Conference. The form of such participation can be different. You can just come, listen, watch, make contacts. You can make a report and / or take part of exhibition. You can also take part in the preparation of the conference in any role from a member of the organizing committee (it is not yet fully formed), to the volunteer at the stage of the event.

We invite students and post-graduate students who are studying and working in the area of

  • development of supercomputer components;
  • development of system and application software for supercomputers;
  • development of GRID-technologies and GRID-services;
  • adjacent areas to the HPC industry;
  • consumption of supercomputer technologies.

For students and graduate students, the registration fee is not required, in addition, for the speakers, there may be additional benefits for participation: payment of accommodation, full or partial payment for travel. To get the benefits, you must contact the organizing committee of the conference in advance. In each case, the decision is taken separately.
For other participants, the fee for participation in the conference is 1000 rubles. Contact the organizing committee of the conference for more information. The fee includes: an intracity transfer to the venue, for meals and to the hotel; lunche, receptions and handouts. Working languages of the Forum: Russian and English. & nbsp; Simultaneous interpretation is not provided. 

Youth conference of students and post-graduate students on the platform of «NSCF-2018». Main dates

  • 25 of November 2018 – Arrival day;
  • 26 of November 2018 – Plenar session and thematical sections;
  • 27 of November 2018 – leaving day or staying for taking part in NSCF-2018;
The event is held using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Foundation for Presidential Grants.

Conference participating

The preliminary sections list is looks like this:

  • Hardware, element and component base;
  • Systemware and middleware;
  • Application software;
  • HPC modeling of processes and phenomena in the natural sciences;
  • Solution of optimization problems in a high-performance computing environment;
  • Integration of high-level resources in a distributed computing environment for solving scientific and engineering problems;
  • Workstations’ GRID systems and combined GRIDs;
  • Stands section.

We ask you to specify the section when downloading the report, selecting it from the drop-down list or by specifying in the comments to the report file, this will greatly facilitate the work of the Program Committee.

Rules for the submission, selection and publication of papers for the conference in the platform of NSCF-2018

  1. All article’s authors have to register on the site by sending us participant form with registration data. For uploading article you can send it before 5:00 pm on October 5 to organization comittee using email, specifying the “Youth conference” and prefered section you article fits in.
    At this stage, the amount of work, design and content is not so important and they are determined by the authors themselves, based on the following: this PDF is used only for the acceptance by reviewers of the decision to include work in the Conference Program.
  2. From October 8 to October 15, reviewing and selection of works is performed; distribution of the decision of the program committee and comments of reviewers to the authors.
  3. Until November 8, the authors are correcting the remarks and if further publication is planned, bringing the article (in PDF format) into full compliance with the publication requirements.
  4. The sent abstracts of all the selected papers will be previously available to participants in digital format through the “Profile” tab on the NSCF web-site.

If you still have questions about the order and timing of submissions, feel free to ask the organizing committee via the site’s feedback system or by writing to

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